Act Well Your Part: A Tribute to David W. Wiley

A Memoir by Anna K. Wiley

“This statement about David W. Wiley must deal in superlatives. In my thirty years of teaching at Indiana University, I would number him among our top two or three graduate students. He is a first-rate teacher, scholar, director, and designer.”

—Dr. Richard Moody, professor, Indiana University, and David’s Ph.D advisor

“Everything about Dave’s work shows caring—he cares about people, enough to want to entertain them with quality. He cares about students enough to do the hard work involved in helping them learn the joys of excellence.”

—Dr. Iva Goldman, colleague, Hilo College, Department of Speech

David’s classmates, in the Emerson College 1955 yearbook, described him as “SOPHISTICATED . . . the dignity of stained-glass windows . . . the vivacity of sun on chrome . . . alive in his own world . . . belonging to the drama.”

Their description rang true through 52 years of marriage. Compelled to pick up where they left off, Anna K. Wiley tells the full story of their family drama in the world of a theatre professor in the latter half of the twentieth century. Follow Anna and David’s journey through a life of love and happiness, followed by a profound grief when inadequate medical care resulted in David’s death.

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