Cascabel: Treachery's Reward

M. A. Hutchison

The wide-open Western Frontier in 1865 paints the backdrop for murder and revenge. A young man's manic need to avenge the deaths of his family is aided by an Apache woman warrior. Skilled in the art of war and killing, she becomes his teacher and lover.

Murderers seek the anonymity of droving cattle and become prey; catacombs hide the bodies of the wrongdoers. A man's mind can become ingenious when he begins sinking into insanity. Filled with venom, he becomes El Cascabel; the rattlesnake!

Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Mary Ann Hutchison calls Tucson, Arizona, home. After 40 years in the legal field on the administrative side of the Bar, she retired to write short stories, memoirs, middle-grade, and suspense stories. Rain, Rain, Go Away . . . is an adult suspense novel, based on a true story of child abuse, along with fictionalized portions of her life in the courtroom (which she misses very much). 

"To those who labor in the judiciary and law enforcement, two things are well known: time is of the essence; there's one thing in the knowing, another in the proving. It's implicit that no matter their vocation what they do after hours must be something that will shatter the images of what they consistently see and hear."

Moochi's Mariachis, a young adult novel about friendship, shared dreams, and the love of music, is now a part of the Tucson Unified School District's Title I ESL Program. The Arizona Kidney Foundation receives a portion of the proceeds of this book. 

Her western suspense novella, Cascabel, describes the 1865 western frontier as the backdrop for murder and revenge. A young man's manic need to avenge the deaths of his family is aided by an Apache woman warrior, skilled in the art of war and killing. After becoming his teacher and lover, they both knew that one day he'd leave to avenge his family. He wasn't prepared for the day she and their son left him.

Joey's Morning:The Legacy of a Therapy Horse, her first nonfiction book, will be published in September 2013. "Anyone who's loved animals, whether their preference is canine, equine, feline, porcine or creatures without spines, will relate to the love that bound a woman and a horse together, two souls who walked a journey, side by side." Discover and delight in the legacy Sir Joey left for each of us.

Her short stories and memoirs are included in Gecko Tales, Thanksgiving to Christmas: A Patchwork of Stories, and Arizona Mystery Writers anthology, A Way With Murder

One husband, two spoiled felines, six children, 20 grandchildren, and eight great-grandchildren constitute her immediate family. Her writing family derives from her affiliation with Gecko Gals Ink LLC, and Arizona Mystery Writers.

Praise for Cascabel: Treachery's Reward

"M. A. Hutchison crafts a suspenseful tale of a young man's descent into murderous madness in the Old West, weaving a rich tapestry of love, loss, and vengeance amid the desert's stark beauty. This is a twisting ride the reader won't soon forget."

"—Jude Johnson, Author of Cactus Cymry and Dragon & Hawk