Confessions of an Imperfect Caregiver

Bobbi Carducci

What happens when you are called upon to care for an elderly family member or friend, and you have no idea how to do it? Caring for a loved one can be a scary, exhausting and rewarding situation—and with an aging baby-boom population, it’s one that an increasing number of Americans find themselves facing.

Confessions of an Imperfect Caregiver, a new book by Bobbi Carducci, is an honest, uplifting account of the author’s experiences in caring for her father-in-law, who suffered from schizophrenia, age-related dementia, and a host of other health issues.

Bobbi Carducci was an in-home caregiver for her father-in-law, Rodger, for seven years. During that time, Carducci learned to navigate the health care system and support Rodger through the challenges of schizophrenia, Parkinson’s disease, age-related dementia, dysphagia, C.O.P.D., and congestive heart failure. By sharing her experiences, she hopes to help those now caring for loved ones at home.

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“Confessions of an Imperfect Caregiver, perfectly encapsulates the human experience, not just the caregiver's. When we live in a world of worry, stress and self-doubt, where do we find the strength to go on? Bobbi's retelling of her caregiving years unfold in a beautiful answer to the questions posed by sickness, health, care, and loss.”

—Alexandra Axel, Media Director, The Caregiver Space

“Written from the heart—not sparing the details, Bobbi Carducci presents the everyday challenges of being a loving caregiver. No topic is hidden or talked around. This is reality! By telling her story Bobbi has given us valuable insight into the confusing and often frustrating world of healthcare today. Read it for the story and use it as a guide should you be called upon to be ‘An Imperfect Caregiver.’”

—Suzanne L. Walls,

“. . . a testament to love, compassion, grace and courage in the face of often inconceivable challenges. . . . Her tale is nothing short of heroic—invaluable for fellow caregivers. . . . a must-read for anyone who has a family or has loved another person. A story for us all.”

—Erica Herd, Writer, Performer, Co-Author of the solo play, Alzheimer’s Blues

“Brutally honest and written from the heart, Carducci’s intimate chronicle of caring for her father-in-law is a poignant story of strength, compassion, and humor that will linger with you long after you read the last page. Highly recommended for anyone caring for an elderly parent.”

—Jan Neuharth, author of the Hunt Country Suspense novels

“. . . opens the door so others can get a glimpse of what goes on behind closed caregiving doors. . . . a testament to the power of hope, faith and love. They are the driving forces that enable Bobbi to continue on her caregiving path despite the ominous challenges. Like the millions of caregivers across the globe, she is, in my opinion, a most amazing—and perfectly human—imperfect caregiver!”

—Lynn Greenblatt, Information Resources Support Solutions

“This book moved me from tears to laughter to compassion. This book is all about Rodger; this book is all about Bobbi; this book is all about Mike. Bobbi has somehow plaited these three lives into an amazing story of caregiving.”

—Sharon K. Garner, Copyeditor, Proofreader, and Author of Pele’s Tears, Sanctuary, River of Dreams, Lokelani Nights, The Spaniard’s Cross

“This is a brutally honest portrayal of caring for someone with mental illness and dementia. An unpredictable roller coaster ride, Carducci describes her dramatic journey with love, humor and humility.”

—Donna Thomson, Author of The Four Walls of My Freedom, Lessons I Learned from a Life of Caregiving

“This story brought tears to my eyes so many times. Bobbi's words told of her genuine care and love for her father-in-law. I found myself identifying with her by thinking of my own struggles caring for my mother. Her words were honest but at the same time kind. I can't wait to share this book with my caregivers support group!”

—Bev Antwine, Family Caregiver

“. . . remarkably courageous book. . . . I hope that whoever takes care of my final years will have read this book.”

—David Sackrider, Journalist

"Carducci is a master at balancing such a common, relatable, yet emotional topic for an audience who will laugh, cry, yell, dwell, forgive, and transcend with this family and their own. . . .If you are a full-blown caregiver, a distant caregiver, a wannabe caregiver, a soon to be caregiver, or a loved one needing caregiving, I recommend you open Carducci’s plan here to 'NOT PLAN' because you just can’t. Not only is she an imperfect caregiver, but she is also an imperfect fortune teller and can’t predict each day’s dynamics with her Rodger. Carducci’s words are realistic, poetic, heartbreaking, soul-stirring, and authentic. She is a storyteller with a story to tell, share, and inspire."

—Donna Lucus (Read the full review on Amazon)

"This book is absolutely awesome! Sure, its nonfiction. But it’s the best kind! It gives you a whole perspective on caregiver, and for those of us who have been there it touches and soothes your heart to know you are not alone."

—SE Daley, Blogger, Semi Short Chic

"Truthfully and beautifully told. I ached and cried while reading this. . . . This book needs to be given as a hospital resource in quite a lot of cases. . . . 5+ stars . . . the first book I have ever rated like this since I started reviewing."

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"I have laughed and cried and prayed and shared in your journey with Rodger and loved every minute of it! I have read parts and thought, 'That's what he does' or 'Is this what I have to "look forward to" for our future?' It has greatly helped me in my journey, and has blessed me many times over."

—Barbara London, Barbara's Blog . . . Journey with Dementia's Demands and Other Life Stories

About the Author

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Dave Nassaney, The Caregiver's Caregiver, interviews Bobbi Carducci

Bobbi Carducci is a former senior staff writer for the Purcellville Gazette, a small Washington, D.C. area newspaper. Her short stories appear in the Chicken Soup for the Soul and Cup of Comfort Anthologies as well is in print and online magazines.

Bobbi’s book for young readers, Storee Wryter Gets a Dog, received both a Mom’s Choice Award for and a Living Now Award for Excellence. It was also named A Best Dog Book for Young Readers by Cesar Milan, The Dog Whisperer.

For three years she wrote a monthly book review column for About Families Publications before resigning to concentrate on writing Confessions of an Imperfect Caregiver and her blog, The Imperfect Caregiver. Bobbi also writes monthly posts on caregiving for and

Bobbi serves on the Board of Directors of Pennwriters, a national writers group with over 400 members, a position she has held for eleven years. In 2014 she received the Pennwriters Meritorious Service Award in recognition of her continuing support of the organization. She was the luncheon keynote speaker at the Pennwriters Annual Conference in 2013. She serves as a judge for the annual Benjamin Franklin Book Awards.

In her capacity as Founder and Executive Director of the Young Voices Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) educational nonprofit established to mentor young writers, she created the Young Voices Awards honoring books that inspire, mentor and/or educate readers of all ages.