D-A-T-I-N-G Your Customer®

A Relationship Manual

James D. Feldman, CSP™, CITE, CPIM, CPC®, CPT®, MIP, PCS, Transformation Advisor

Our global commercial environment is saturated with uncertainty and increasing doubt about our commitment to customers. With few exceptions, the creation of a Customer is a lost art .  .  . because no one cares. We no longer buy from companies based on loyalty. We buy from those where there is the least hassle—and the by-product is mediocrity.

Yet, through all the chaos the Customer endures, as they hope to discover respite from indifference to find someone who cares about this fragile relationship.

Focusing totally on the Customer creates a relationship much like dating. It uncovers levels of confidence, trust, satisfaction, and price stabilization. D-A-T-I-N-G Your Customer® is about the UNCOMMON: common sense.

Over the past few decades, James Feldman has become one of marketing and innovation’s most provocative thinkers and speakers. He challenges businesses to shift how they think, not what they think. After all, “Nothing Changes, If Nothing Changes.” It all about focusing on becoming a catalyst that ensures that Shift Happens! ® D-A-T-I-N-G Your Customer® has six simple, pragmatic shifts for enlightened organizations:

  • DAZZLE your Customers
  • ANTICIPATE their needs
  • TREAT them the way you want to be treated
  • INNOVATE everything you do to acquire and retain Customers
  • NURTURE the relationship
  • GUARANTEE your Customers stay with you because of your GREAT service

Jim's spectrum of Customer experiences reminds companies to respect them as appreciating assets. Remember:  Never Confuse Inconvenient with Impossible.

He continues to develop new applications for existing technology, works with enlightened organizations, and puts together a logical order while providing a toolbox to build relationships.
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About James D. Feldman

He connects problems with solutions delivering actionable end results!

James D. Feldman provides plain talk for smart people. He is provocative, controversial, and outside conventional wisdom, and he offers uncommon common-sense explanations for complex issues. James moves past pop management rhetoric to focus on the central truths that lead to success. He not only provides practical information you can apply immediately, James also believes his job isn’t complete unless his readers are challenged to take specific action.

An advisor, coach, and consultant to AT&T, Toyota, MGM Resort and Casino, Hyatt Hotels and Resorts, BASF—and many other Fortune 500 companies—James balances innovative solutions with objectivity and detachment.

As one of marketing’s most thought-provoking speakers, James thinks “inside the box” to determine the core issues of ineffective Customer Service and return policies.

James holds every certification his industry offers and is a visiting professor of Innovation and Tourism Hospitality at Roosevelt University. He is the author of over a dozen books (seven on Customer Service), as well as hundreds of articles and speeches. James is also a serial entrepreneur who owns several businesses that provide ongoing insights into Customer Service, problem solving, team building, and leadership.

Advance Praise

"I had the distinct pleasure of working with Jim in October of 2013 during International Customer Service Week. Jim was our organization’s keynote speaker for BASF Customer Care Summit. Jim’s innovative and creative mind enabled him to communicate to every level of the organization. He truly captures his audience and keeps their attention delivering powerful and thought-provoking dialogue. Jim delivered his speech at three Customer Care hubs for BASF, I received feedback such as ‘the best speaker we’ve ever been exposed to,’ ‘I’m going to use his tips right away,’ and ‘Jim really gets it.’”

—Gail Englesbe, Sr., Customer Care Manager, BASF

“We all become so engrossed with our day-to-day quest for achievement, that we forget to put ourselves in the customer’s shoes and reflect on how they must be feeling. . . . You raised our level of consciousness on these standards of business content.”

—Alice Kruss, Key Account Manager, Coach

“Since your customer service training, we have focused on areas of improvement for the management team as well as our Center staff.”

—Rhonda Rikard, Manager DPS, The Coca-Cola Company