Turtle's Dream

Delphina Nova

Rooted in Native American Tradition

When Turtle dreams Mother Earth is in trouble, Turtle springs into action. Can Turtle come up with a plan to save Turtle Island? With no time to lose, Turtle sets out in the forest to share the Dream. Now, will the Animals and People play their part?

Thank you for helping spread Turtle's message to care for our environment.

Dreamers—Messengers of the Spirit

Since time immemorial, divine forces have come to people to alert mankind of impending changes on Earth. Many indigenous tribes had Dreaming Societies that came together to share individual and collective dreams to ensure the protection of the village. Dreamers would be given dreams to prepare members of the tribe, spiritually, emotionally and physically to forewarn an up-coming event or a necessary migration. As a child, dreams came to me which were pre-cognitive in nature. It was a natural thing to share my dreams with my family. My mother shared her dreams with me daily; many of her dreams, like mine, were pre-cognitive.

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About the Author

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Delphina Nova, a member of Ontario’s Eastern WoodlandsTribe, shares her dream message to help bring peace and sanity to our world. "All of life is part of the Sacred web of creation. Turtle Island, Mother Earth, is now calling for our help," explains Delphina Nova.

Author, spiritual adviser, earth-empath and intuitive healer, she mentors youth and adults to follow their dreams. While staying with Navajo/Dine friends in the Four Corners of the American Southwest, Delphina dreamed Turtle's Dream.

Nova is the winner of the Shari Meakin Award for Best Emerging Writer and is a professional member of the Society of Southwest Authors Association.

She has recently completed two novels, Heart of Gold and When You Swim With Dolphins, You Swim With Me.

"On October 27, 2009, Turtle’s Dream came to me while visiting the Four Corners area of the American Southwest. The message given to Turtle was meant to be shared with our greater global village.

"In the summer of 2010, I shared Turtle’s Dream with 150 children ranging from 5–12 yrs in my Dreaming Turtle Workshop at a summer camp. We talked about Mother Earth’s condition and how we could help Turtle’s Dream for Earth come true. Together we dreamed a New Earth. Dream Journals were created, stories shared and paintings came to life. Each day, I asked the children—what did you dream last night? We listened to one another. We spoke of personal dreams and envisioned ways to help Turtle. The Dreams the children came up with were inspirational and infectious, filled with hope and renewal. At the end of the week, we made Dreamcatchers and gave them to a friend or family member as a gift, a giveaway. The children gave me the name Dreaming Woman.

"We can dream a bright New Earth for our children. The future belongs to them and to those that follow the power of their Dreams."

Illustrator Curtis Yanito, a member of the Navajo Nation, has won numerous awards for his art. "It's the Creator who is the artist. I just appreciate what he's created every day. I love Nature."

Praise for Turtle's Dream

"If you take care of Mother Earth, she will take care of us and our families."

—Marshall Golden Eagle Jack, Paiute Spiritual Leader

"I became 'childlike' and became a participant in the story. The story of Turtle's Dream is a wonderful means of imparting traditional knowledge to young hearts, minds, and spirits. The messages of being One with all of life on this sacred Mother Earth is beautifully delivered. This is a very worthwhile story for use at home, or classrooms and any opportunity to share with children."

—Grandmother Mona Polacca, Havasupai/Hopi/Tewa, International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers

"You're the Best. I love Turtle’s Dream."

—Nathan, 6 yrs.

"I appreciate your passion, love, inspiration, peace-building and HeArtful spirit. . . . We love you!"

—Shauna McGlamary, Director, Fenster Ranch Summer Camp

"Love is the answer. I'm so happy you are here. You are an amazing person. I have a Tortoise! Turtle's Dream is coming true!"

—Erika, 6 yrs.

"Storytelling like yours brings us all back home. Turtle’s Dream is a good way to show a child a healthy loving way of being on the Earth. It’s timely—one doesn’t have to feel helpless but can participate in bringing about that balance. We need to remember that now. Love the message and hopefulness in the story and the illustrations."

—Rosalind Oliva