Wherever God Takes Me

Senol Kiane

"My soul is ready to go wherever God takes me."

Granted with an extraordinary gift from a young age, Senol Kiane shares the story of his life and out-of-body experiences which have spanned his entire life. Despite not embracing his gift fully until the age of forty-one, Senol has now fully devoted himself to helping and healing those in need. Join him on his visits to and from heaven, hear his conversations with angels, and find a renewed sense of self and spirituality.

No matter your beliefs, Wherever God Takes Me will lead you through a remarkably uplifting journey of love, hope, and inspiration.

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  • Print ISBN: 978-1-941799-44-4
  • eBook ISBN: 978-1-941799-45-1
  • 144 pgs - 5.25 in. x 8 in.
  • Publication Date: December 13, 2016
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"It doesn't matter what faith you are. Read this book. You will be glad that you did."

Raven Brooke

"Thought-provoking read. Excellent insight into what most people don't allow themselves to see. A must read for the open minded and cynical amongst us! Wherever God Takes Me will solidify belief and offer comfort to many. Looking forward to the next book. Kiane shows his spiritual strength.

Amazon Customer

Wherever God Takes Me by Senol Kiane is a must read! It resonated with me on a very deep level. I pre-ordered the book as I had been long awaiting its publication.

Lori T. Steck

"This book is a must read! I read it in a day, it was so fascinating, I couldn't put it down! To hear about the writer's experiences of afterlife fascinated me and I have found comfort in knowing there is life after death after losing people very close to me. Beautifully written and what I also liked is that it wasn't aimed at one particular audience. I hope there's another to follow."


"Great work, well written book I can recommend it strongly. For a non-believer like myself about life after death, I didn't want the book to finish and would love to read the 2nd and 3rd please."

Barham C.

"A very interesting and well written book. The book gives the reader an insight to who Senol Kiane really is, he is a truly gifted man and his experiences are very well documented in this book. Whatever your beliefs may be, I recommend you to read this book which is heartfelt and honest to understand Senols Kiane's truly inspirational gift. I look forward to reading his next book!"

Amazon Customer

"Amazing read, loved it and didn't want it to end. Fascinating and looking forward to reading more. Would recommend this book to everyone. I have had cancer twice in the last 4 years and have given me faith and has made me want to look at the positives and know that I am blessed and I'm being looked after by a higher being."

Amazon Customer

"I've always been curious about the other side but too scared to follow it up. This book has been written so beautifully that I could call it life changing. Highly recommended!!"

Amazon Customer

"I really enjoyed reading about Senol's experiences and was hooked from the start. A lot of things made sense. The more I read the more I wanted to keep reading. Excellent—please write more!"

S. Mustafa

About the Author

Senol Kiane, author

Senol Kiane was born in Hornsey, London, in 1961. Blessed with an ability that he did not fully embrace until the age of forty-one, he is a truly gifted individual. Not only is he a spiritual healer and spiritual motivational speaker, he also has a strong connection with the other side.

Wherever God Takes Me is a memoir documenting his life and out-of-body experiences and journeys, with a second memoir on the way. Senol has devoted his life to healing and helping those in need. He has given several inspirational talks in the UK and USA.

As well as being very connected to the universe spiritually, he is also interested in science fiction. He is a huge fan of Star Wars and collects Star Wars toys, or as he calls them, “collectibles.” His favorite relaxing pastime is watching classic American comedies. Senol has 1,300 like-minded members in his Facebook group, Senol Kiane Into The Light, all of whom share inspiration and spirituality with each other.