Women of the Plains: A Tale of 100,000 Years Ago

Brandon S. Pilcher

Set in eastern Africa 100,000 years ago, Women of the Plains tells the story of a confrontation between two cultures of early Homo sapiens, the ancestors of all modern human beings. When the young huntress Oja gets separated from her nomadic band after a hunting accident, she finds herself in a strange place where the people have settled into permanent villages. As she struggles to find her place in this new world, her old friends Uru and Namak go looking for her. Oja must eventually choose between the way of life she has always known and that of the people who have embraced her as one of their own.

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  • Print ISBN: 978-1-956897-32-6
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  • 170 pgs - 5.5 in. x 8.5 in. glossy paperback
  • Publication Date: October 17, 2023
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About the Author

Brandon S. Pilcher, author

Brandon S. Pilcher is an accomplished artist and author from Southern California with a BA in Biological Anthropology from the University of California in San Diego. His other works include the novel Priestess of the Lost Colony, the short story collections Dinosaurs & Dames and Beasts & Beauties, and the novellas The Sultan of Finback Isle, The Slave Prince of Zimbabwe, and Carthage Atlantica. His passions include prehistoric life, ancient history, and strong action heroines.