Open Books Press is dedicated to publishing quality books. We publish adult nonfiction, and fiction for all ages in print and eBook formats. All authors with exceptional work will be given serious consideration.

General Submission Guidelines

We require that you submit only after you have a finished, polished, final-edit manuscript. In other words, if your manuscript is not yet complete or is still in an early draft status, it's not ready to be submitted to Open Books Press. Please also follow our guidelines on Submittable to ensure your submission is reviewed.

Please use the Submittable link below to submit your manuscript. We ask that you only submit one manuscript at a time, even if they're different genres. If you want to submit something else based on our response of your first manuscript, you may do so then.


An author/agent-friendly agreement will be sent for review if your proposal sparks our interest. Our contract requires no investment by the author beyond their responsibility to provide a professional, final-edit manuscript. Our standard markets include the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom, but can also include the European Union, Japan, Brazil, South Korea, Poland, Germany, and Russia.

Agents, our model requires a six-month minimum commitment before sale to a larger publisher without buyout or a co-publishing agreement. Our goal is to maximize the opportunity for success for every title. Subsidiary Rights are negotiable. We do not pay an advance at this time.